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We are conveniently located inside Circle of Life Massage & Wellness in Ephrata, PA. We provide massage therapy and ashiatsu services for clients in the following areas: Ephrata, Lititz, Akron, Lancaster, and other outlying towns.

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How Exercise Improves Bone Health

March 21, 2020


It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise improves your overall health, but did you know it can be even more beneficial for those with concerns about bone health? It’s been shown that exercise that puts some stress on the bone can increase bone mineral density (BMD) and reduce fractures even in women who have already been diagnosed with osteoporosis. 


Now, when we say exercise that puts stress on the bone, we’re not talking about anything painful or dangerous, but rather a normal stress the body can naturally handle. You see, muscles are attached to the bones by tendons. Every time a muscle is used, that tendon is pulls tight, pulling on the bone. On a large scale, this moves the body as you want it to, but if you could peek inside and look at the much smaller scope of what’s happening inside, you’d see that tendon pulling on the tissue that surrounds the bone. This triggers a response by the bone to lay down more bone tissue. This is what we mean by stressing the bone. Your bones, just like most every other tissue in the body, is constantly breaking down and regenerating. Old cells die off and are destroyed and are replaced by newer, healthier cells. Bone tissue is regularly broken down and built back up. As we age, this process begins to get more and more unbalanced, leading to a faster breakdown of bone tissue than the body can rebuild. So, with exercise, that constant tugging on the bones of the body kicks up the rebuilding process to rebalance, or at least greatly improve the current imbalance.  


As people age, bone density loss is inevitable. This is especially true for women. When women reach post-menopause, they’re at a much higher risk for osteoporosis and fractures. Even long before the later stages of life, keeping regular exercise a habit, especially with focus on bone density improvement may help prevent much of that normal loss later. When it comes to exercise improving BMD, there are many variables that affect the results; age, reproductive hormone status, health status, and the type of exercise all affect how much bone density can be gained.  

If you already have bone density lo