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Benefits of Massage Therapy


“Nurturing Body and Soul”

Massage can help the body by ...

• Increasing circulation and dilation of blood vessels to bring more oxygen

and nutrients to parts of the body that need it, while removing wastes and


•Improving circulation of lymph, which boosts immune function and the

body’s natural defense system

•Aiding repair of damaged tissue and promoting healing

•Hastening recovery time and decreasing DOMS (delayed onset muscle

soreness) after a strenuous workout

•Relaxing muscle spasms and relieving cramping

•Improving flexibility along with range of motion and function of joints

•Relieving pain of tight, overused or injured muscles

•Releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller

•Warming and loosening tight muscles

•Reducing risk of injury

•Promoting restful sleep

Massage can help the soul by ...

•Providing needed touch in a safe, comforting, caring manner

•Relaxing the mind, reducing stress and anxiety

•Providing a feeling of renewal or rejuvenation

•Enhancing energy levels and increasing mental alertness

•Encouraging a time of peace and tranquility in a hectic world

•Releasing endorphins, fostering a feeling of well-being

•Creating better mind-body awareness with a better ability to monitor

stress and its effects on the body

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