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Take it Easy

When the weather turns nicer, many of us increase our outdoor activity level and all too often push ourselves a little too hard. The result is often a few days of painful recovery time. As you pursue your favorite pastimes this season, consider the following suggestions:

Increase your activity level gradually - Pay attention to your body’s signals so you don’t have to pay the painful price of overindulgence. Start slowly and do a little more each day and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

Warm up - Plunging into activity before you get your body warmed and ready is inviting potential trouble. Avoid possible sprains, torn ligaments, etc. by taking a few minutes to get the blood and oxygen flowing. Just as your car needs a few minutes to get warmed up to prevent mechanical problems, so do you!

Drink plenty of pure water - Water helps to regulate body temperature, keeps fluid levels up, and helps to remove toxins from your system.

Schedule a relaxing massage! - Nothing feels quite as nice as working out the kinks and sore spots after a day of sports or gardening. Your massage session can help relax your muscles and relieve soreness, as well as flushing out the chemical by-products of exercise.

You just can’t beat massage for helping you to function at your go have fun, then call for an appointment! We’ll look forward to seeing you then.

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