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Listening to Your Body

The human body to me is such an amazing thing. Not only can it create life, but it can fight off sickness, adapt to its environment, and be molded and formed into what we choose for it. But the most amazing part about the human body to me, is that if you are in tune with your body, it will speak to you. Your body will tell you what it wants or needs and what it doesn’t want or need. Your body will talk to you in many ways, you just have to be sure you’re listening to it.

Did you know that sometimes hunger can be your body’s way of telling you that you’re dehydrated? Your body can also indicate dehydration and sleep deprivation through headaches. Your body is requesting fluid. Have you ever craved chocolate? That can be a sign of a Magnesium deficiency. A craving for refined carbs such as pasta and bread can mean a Nitrogen deficiency. Have you ever noticed a difference in your body when you eat a certain food? Maybe your stomach hurts, you get gassy, or have stomach cramps? Sometimes you may break out in a rash, or your lips may swell when your body is reacting to something it doesn’t like. Have you ever noticed that after you ate a certain meal your stomach didn’t hurt for a change? The key is to listen. If you notice something different about your body, retrace your food for the day, maybe even keep a journal if your stomach issues have been serious. Slowly eliminate foods that maybe are in your everyday routine to figure out which may be the culprit.

Another way you need to listen to your body is when it comes to exercise. If you frequently work out and notice that your endurance is decreasing, your body may be telling you it’s time to take a rest. That may involve a simple rest day, a change-up in your routine, or a re-evaluation of your fitness goals. Yes, exercise is amazing for your body, and necessary for your health, but overdoing it will not help you to achieve your goals.

Yet another is simply to pay attention throughout your day. Are you regularly waking up with a specific pain? Change the way you’re sleeping. If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort with particular activities or movements, slow down and pay attention. Alter your movement in a way that is more comfortable. Your body is trying to tell you something. It knows what it is capable of and when it’s at its breaking point…you better listen. Listen or your body will speak louder, and maybe in ways that are less than desirable.

If you need help in deciphering some of the things your body may be trying to tell you, especially when it comes to those pesky aches and pains, book an appointment and we can address those. Your body will speak to you as loudly or as softly as needed. You must listen to it! This is the most valuable conversation you will have in your life.

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